Please Don't Take Me Back out now via Specialist Subject (UK) & Dirtnap Records (US)

Indie exclusive blue vinyl available at your local record shop: Monorail, Glasgow - Resident, Brighton - Norman Records, Leeds - Piccadilly, Manchester - Rough Trade - Relevant, Cambridge - Vinilo, Southampton - Spindizzy Records, Dublin - Drift, Totnes - Diverse, Newport - Pie & Vinyl, Southsea - Five Rise Records, Bingley - Defend Vinyl, Liverpool - Lost in Vinyl, Cambridge - South Records, Southend-on-Sea - Mixed Up Records, Glasgow - Head Records, Leamington Spa - Venus Vinyl, Norwich - Banquet Records, Kingston - Sister Ray, London - Beatdown Records, Newcastle - Hundred Records, Romsey - BSM Social Club, Oxford

UPCOMING SHOWS20/1/2024- East Durham College with Futureheads and bigfatbig29-31/4/2024- Manchester Punk Festival

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